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Different types of Wedding Ceremonies in Italy

Civil wedding ceremonies are performed in elegant wedding halls located throughout Italy. These beautiful palaces and villas have been the official wedding halls throughout the centuries and are rich in atmosphere and elegance.

Catholic weddings can be celebrated only in consecrated churches by a Catholic priest. A civil and catholic marriage can be performed together if the couple wishes, or as an alternative, the priest can perform a Catholic blessing. In this latter case the couple must present a civil certificate showing that the legal portion has already been handled. In either situation the actual ceremony is identical.

There are Protestant churches and ministers in various parts of Italy. In some locations a civil and protestant marriage can be performed together but in the majority of churches only the Protestant blessing are done.

Jewish weddings are very special when celebrated in the ancient synagogues of Italy. Many of these are located in the old Jewish Ghettos such as Venice and Rome. If the couple wishes to celebrate a Jewish ceremony at a private castle or villa, they can bring over their own rabbi.

Orthodox ceremonies, Greek as well as Russian and even vow can be celebrated in a limited number of cities Italy such as Venice and Rome.

Symbolic weddings can take place in any beautiful wedding location of your choice. They are performed at a slightly lesser cost than the religious or civil wedding ceremony because there is no need for any documentation.

Every wedding location in Italy will present you with a different assortment of ceremony options and wedding venues and each will has its own distinctive characteristics.